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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Pouch for Pretty {Little} Pouch Swap

Posted by PicasaI"ve been working on this pouch from This and That called the Button Bag.  I started the bag without reading through all directions.  Once I had cut and sewn each side together, I read through the rest and found out the directions call for putting the zipper in by HAND.  I'm not opposed to handsewing, but really, a zipper in a pouch will hopefully be used and and hopefully used often.  I wanted it sewn by machine for both durability and appearance. I looked for reviews online and only found two other references to the bag.  Both reviewers liked the bag, but said they would do something different for the zipper next time.  So, I complete revised the assembly to this bag.  I also added a pocket (pictured above).  I didn't know how I'd get a good picture of the pocket once the bag was assembled.  As of tonight, I just have the zipper pull and the bottom binding to go.  Then it will be off to its new home!!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Coasters for Potholder Pass

Posted by PicasaI finally finished these coasters for the Potholder Pass Swap (Coaster Version).  I've had this Heather Ross print for a few years now.  I think I received it in a variety pack that I received from Sewbaby or Sewzannes.  I absolutely love the feel of the Heather Ross print as it is a brushed cotton.  I love the prints she has done with Kokka, but I wish she would have continued to design for US companies as well.  The main part of these was really easy and the handstitching went quickly, but the binding took me forever to sew on and then to finish the backs by hand.  Next time I make coasters, I will try making a circle so I don't have to stop, cut and start over on all the corners.  I do love how they turned out and hope that my partner enjoys them.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Halloween Mug Rug

Posted by PicasaI made this mug rug for my partner in the scrappy mug rug swap.  I knew my partner liked the Ghastlies and softer Halloween colors.  She seemed to comment on mug rugs with handstitching, so I added the handstitching on the osnaburg.  I ordered the halloween striped material just for the binding.  I love stripes for bindings, but hate sewing with them anywhere else.  There is also a small button embroidered spider in the lower left hand corner.  I used black handquilting thread along with silver metalic thread for the spider's head and legs.  

Coasters Received

Look what I received from the Potholder Pass Coaster Version.  I think I just listed vivid as my color.  I think the different colors in these will really come through depending on what other decorations are around them. These really caught my eye when they were posted on the sneak peaks.  Orange Queen sent the beautiful orange fabric and orange card that are in the back of the picture.  Thanks!!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

MMM Swap Package Continued

Here are photos of the entire swap package I received. Erin included a table runner (or piano runner) - for now it is on the table - much more visible, a cute pouch, cathedral window pincushion, beautiful fabrics, cute dress pattern (Izzy and Ivy) and some scissors. The pouch is Amy Butler and she put the cutest charm on the zipper. That pouch is actually going to end up in my purse. I decided the other day I need something to contain all the discount cards/punch cards that I carry. The pincushion is going into my sewing room. The fabrics are Sugar and Spice (Riley Blake - Quilted Fish)), Spirit (Lila Tueller), paisley print I'm unsure of - Moda, and the two end fabrics are from Amy Butler's Love line (Bali Gate & Cypress Paisley). Erin sent me LOTS of fabric - much more than she had to AND I will have lots of fun with it!!

MMM Swap Table Runner

I had to include this collage showing off this beautiful table runner.  First of all, this is a beautiful table runner that my swap partner made me I recently made curtains for our dining room from this line so it coordinates perfectly. She used free motion feather quilting which I love and have no idea how to do. My kids all screamed how beautiful it is too. The backing is also gorgeous so I had to pictures of that as well.
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Monday, August 15, 2011

MMMSwap Package to Send

I've been participating the the Make Mine Modern Swap for the past 6 weeks. These are some of the items I have for my partner. For her sewing room (or wherever she chooses to sew), I have an armchair pincushion. This is available as a free tutorial from During Quiet Time blog. I used a scrappy binding osnaburg for the strips between the pincushion and pocket and for the backing. I also made her a bag from the Stitch magazine. This was the first time I did this much raw applique on a project. I like how it turned out. I used a rayon gray thread for all the 3/8 inch quilting lines. I'm also sending some Kona cotton, and 4 fat quarters of Barclay and 1001 Peeps, a crochet dishcloth, quilting magazine, and pattern for children's pants. Hopefully, my swap partner likes the package!!

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Friday, August 12, 2011

I hope my partner likes straight line quilting!!!

Here is a sneak peak for my partner for the Make Mine Modern Swap. I am almost finished with the two handmade projects. I've been very busy straight line quilting. I really like how both projects are coming out thus far, and I sure hope my partner is happy with them.
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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Look what came in the mail!

I had volunteered to make an "Angel Bag" for someone in the PP8 Swap, but thankfully, her partner did pull through. Since I had already started her bag, we arranged a swap together. My partner used these Farmdale prints by Alexander Henry to create the fabric basket and Jane Market Tote. As I'm typing this, I realized that I didn't include a good picture of the lining of the Jane Market Bag, but Sandi used the pink circle print that is in the fabric basket. I haven't quite decided what is going in the fabric basket yet, but I know it will be used. Sandi used wider straps than the pattern calls for on the Jane Market bag, and I like the boldnes of it. This Jane Market Bag pattern is one of my favorite patterns, and I love to see the unique qualities that every seamstress gives to the bag.
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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

MMM Sneak Peak

I'm working on another swap project. This one is for the Make Mine Modern group. The above photo is the project fpr the sewing room. It is about half finished and I like how it is coming out. I used a dark Kona gray (unsure of the exact color name) and I just love this fabric. The red, purple, and turquoise are also Kona cottons. The orange and green hexagons are an unknown scrap and the yellow owl is an older Momo print. The second photo is the group of modern fabric (1001 Peeps, Kona cotton, and In the Kitchen prints)that I have picked out to send to my partner. The third photo is the pieces to the main project for my partner. I don't think this will take to long to sew, but it has taken me a long time to cut out all the pieces, and I haven't even started on the lining yet.
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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Pleated Tote Bag

My daughter really liked the orange Jane Market Bag that had made last week so I tried out a new pattern in the orange fabric for her. This is the pleated tote bag (free) from Artsy Crafty Bag. She has recently learned to crochet so I tweaked the bag to work for her crochet supplies. She has several spots for crochet hooks as well as a zippered pocket. I used the zipper pocket directions from the Sew Liberated Mischievious Gnome Messenger Bag. Overall, I'm pretty happy with. I like the pleated and the general shape of the bag. I think I may add a few patchwork details in the next bag I make. I still need to add a button to the front, but my daughter can pick that out next time we go shopping.
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Thursday, July 21, 2011

PP8 Swap (Reusable Bags)

I particpated in the Potholder Pass Bag Only swap once again. After knowing that I had a package at the post office, but was too late to pick it up, I made it there today to sign for the package. Sign for the package?? The postmaster said I needed to sign since it was registered and foreign. Laura from Brazil sent this beautiful bag from the Jane Market Bag (Posie Gets Cozy) to me. I love the bird print in the middle! The polka dot print is perfect to coordinate and she used a plaid to line the bag. Along with the bag, she sent some blue floral fabric (my girls already said it needs to go on the piano), stickers and a card. Thank you Laura - this was a really neat swap package and know when people ask about the bag, I can say it was handmade from Brazil!

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Another Jane Market Bag

I think I know this pattern well. I offered to make an "Angel Bag" for Potholder Pass 8 (PP8) when someone's package didn't show up. Well, the package did show up (yah!!!) and even better, the person I was making the bag for wanted to complete a swap together. My partner had several birds in her favorites including a stitchery pattern. I don't do a lot of embroidery, but decided to trying stitching a design on the machine. Overall, I think I like it. Hopefully my partner likes it. It is a very strong bag. I interlined most of the bag with canvas and there is also interfacing in the center panals and the pocket. The pocket is also lined and bound at the top. The straps are a little longer than the pattern calls for so it can be worn over the shoulder. I also decided to try piecing the straps together for a patchwork effect. Next time, I may try a couple different fabrics in the straps. I used cotton ric rac along the seams and when I tried sewing the straps on, my machine really gave me fits where the ric rac was at. Next time I use ric rac, I may purposely cut the ric rac short since you don't see it anyway.

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Crochet Dishclothes

When my forth child was born, I had a hard time sitting still in the chair. I'm one that likes to be doing "something." So, I decided to make crochet dishclothes for all the ladies that I worked with at the time. My goal was to make one per day (that meant I had to sit down and concentrate on the crochet rather than think about all the things I should be doing which meant I would be walking around while moving around). I did meet my goal that year, I healed faster than if I cleaned everything around the house, and I have continued to crochet dishclothes while we travel or if I watch tv with my husband.

The discloth with the cream border is a pattern I saw when I first started crocheting these where the stitches alternate front and back post single crochet. This is my favorite pattern all around although I rarely put anything other than a single crochet border around the edges. My oldest daughter wanted to know how to complete a scalloped edging so I showed her on this one. The second dishcloth is from a pattern that I first printed six years ago. I had to look to see if the pattern is still online and guess what - it is. Here is the link to the directions if you are interested. Cindy's Simple Dishcloth
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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Jane Market Bag for PP8

I'm participating in the PP8 hosted by Amy at During Quiet Time. My partner this time requested orange and turquoise or red and turquoise. She also stated that she likes flowers and fruit. When I searched through her favorites, I discovered she also likes crochet so I used size 10 thread to crochet the two flowers (attached with safety pins). I used osnaburg for the center panel with Kona solids strips at the top. I also quilted random flowers in the osnaburg (quilt sandwich made with flannel and more red checks for the back of the pocket). The ric rac came from a vintage lot I bought while thrifting. The straps are Kona with orange topstitching. I did use interfacing throughout this entire bag including the straps. The lining is also the red checks (properly aged - over 10 years). The bag is headed east and hopefully the new owner likes it!!
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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sneak Peak for PP8

I've finished the crochet flowers I wanted to make. My plan is to make the Jane Market Bag with the Osnaburg in the middle with a patchwork border. The red checks will be the backing behind the pocket and the lining. I'm debating on the ric rac. I've thought about putting it the vertical side seams or horizontally near the top of the pocket. Now, I'm just waiting to find some Kona cotton that matches the turquoise floral and the turquoise in the thread flowers.
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