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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Crochet Dishclothes

When my forth child was born, I had a hard time sitting still in the chair. I'm one that likes to be doing "something." So, I decided to make crochet dishclothes for all the ladies that I worked with at the time. My goal was to make one per day (that meant I had to sit down and concentrate on the crochet rather than think about all the things I should be doing which meant I would be walking around while moving around). I did meet my goal that year, I healed faster than if I cleaned everything around the house, and I have continued to crochet dishclothes while we travel or if I watch tv with my husband.

The discloth with the cream border is a pattern I saw when I first started crocheting these where the stitches alternate front and back post single crochet. This is my favorite pattern all around although I rarely put anything other than a single crochet border around the edges. My oldest daughter wanted to know how to complete a scalloped edging so I showed her on this one. The second dishcloth is from a pattern that I first printed six years ago. I had to look to see if the pattern is still online and guess what - it is. Here is the link to the directions if you are interested. Cindy's Simple Dishcloth
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