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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sneak Peak for PP8

I've finished the crochet flowers I wanted to make. My plan is to make the Jane Market Bag with the Osnaburg in the middle with a patchwork border. The red checks will be the backing behind the pocket and the lining. I'm debating on the ric rac. I've thought about putting it the vertical side seams or horizontally near the top of the pocket. Now, I'm just waiting to find some Kona cotton that matches the turquoise floral and the turquoise in the thread flowers.
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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Armrest Pincushion

My daughter wanted to make a pincushion for the fair (4-H project). I immediately thought of the scrappy armrest pincushion tutorial at During Quiet Time blog. I decided to make one up so she can see the size of it and be thinking how she wants to use her quilt scraps. I used quilting cottons, denim, osnaburg, and pieced batting scraps to make this. The hardest part was deciding on a binding. The red I originally planned on using didn't match both the red checks and the red in the pockets. Cream looked too matchy. Blue just didn't work. I finally tried this batik purchased at a thrift store. The batik looked olive green in some lighting and tan in others, but I just decided I would go with it. It also has pink, purple, and blue in parts of the batik. I tried to cut the square for the binding in areas with mainly blue and the olive/tan color, but there are parts with the pink and purple in the pincushion too if you look carefully.
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