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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

PP10 Bag Swap

Posted by PicasaI've progressed a little bit further on the bag swap.  I've added the birds and some topstitching.  I think I may add some smoke lines coming from the chimney and perhaps a path from the door.  I plan to use a Kona dark gray for the sides, osnaburg for the pocket lining and the middles section.  

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Working on Bag Swap (Potholder Pass)

Posted by PicasaI'm making the Jane Market Bag once again.  These are going to be the two center panels and of course, I just couldn't make a plain strap.  These two also have the extra length added so the bag can be carried over the shoulder.  I have felt birds to add, but I'm debating on what else I should add to the panels.  The house pattern is from Sew Retro.  

Monday, January 9, 2012

more Keyka Lou Bags

Posted by PicasaI was so frustrated with the John Deere fabric I used on the pillow case, I thought I should just use this and be done with it.  Well, this piece (remnant from Hobby Lobby) was much better.  I enough material for two outers.  I used the same brown I used on the pillow case for the inner layer.  The denim on one bag is a lightweight denim chambray (also used interfacing) with a gray broadcloth on the inside.  I couldn't find anymore denim scraps for the other bag, so I used the back of the legs from a pair of my daughter's worn out jeans.  Since I already had interfacing cut, I interfaced those straps even though the denim is considerably heavier than the chambray.  I also used a triple stich on the pair with the denim and I really like how the stitchin is more noticeable this way.  The photo with the food is showing what was in the packed bag in the top picture.  There was still plenty of room for more food too.  Two more stash yards used.  

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Pillowcase for Nephew

Posted by PicasaI made a pillowcase for my three-year-old nephew who loves tractors and bobcats (as in the machine not the animal).  This is my usual pattern, but the quality of the fabric was not good.  I wish another company had the rights to the John Deere prints.  The green ran in some spots, and it the fabric in general seemed quite off-grain. 

Monday, January 2, 2012

Keyka Lou Grocery Tote

Posted by PicasaI'm participating in the Stash Contest at  Each year, my goal is to beat my previous year's goal.  I still need to check back to see what I need to beat this year.  These are my first finished projects from Keyka Lou.  I made two grocery totes using a canvas purchased at a thrift store a couple years ago, a not-the-best dye job on the gray cotton lining, and a midweight denim (scraps) for the handles.  I also used a bold straight stitch (#2 stitch on my pfaff) on the handles of one of the bags to make the top-stitching stand out more.  At approximately one yard each, I now have two yards to add for the year 2012.