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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Crochet Dishclothes

 I love to read, but I cannot read in a moving vehicle without getting sick.  Thus, I often crochet.  I really like this pattern and it presents a good opportunity to use up little bits of colored cotton without throwing it out.  The free pattern is available at ravelry under doni-speigle.  The pattern is mostly single and double crochet, so it really isn't difficult for someone familar with crocheting.
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Swap Received from Fab Little Pincushion Swap

 This is the most adorable pincushion that I received from Beachgirl Sews.  The pincushion is filled with walnut shells and that is new to me.  I love the weight that the shells provide.  She also included all the pretty pins, needles, and the patriotic fabric.  My dad is a veteran so we usually attend our community Memorial Day program; however, this year we went to my niece's graduation and Memorial Day became a traveling day.  When I was in a small fabric shop yesterday, I looked at some patriotic fabric and considered buying it, but decided not to.  So it was an absolute treat to get home and find a package with a beautiful scrappy pincushion with bits of linen and handstitching (my faves) along with the other treats.  Do you see the candy that Beachgirl Sews included?  Nope, it's already gone - my kids were super-surprised they had a treat in the box too.
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