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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Armrest Pincushion

My daughter wanted to make a pincushion for the fair (4-H project). I immediately thought of the scrappy armrest pincushion tutorial at During Quiet Time blog. I decided to make one up so she can see the size of it and be thinking how she wants to use her quilt scraps. I used quilting cottons, denim, osnaburg, and pieced batting scraps to make this. The hardest part was deciding on a binding. The red I originally planned on using didn't match both the red checks and the red in the pockets. Cream looked too matchy. Blue just didn't work. I finally tried this batik purchased at a thrift store. The batik looked olive green in some lighting and tan in others, but I just decided I would go with it. It also has pink, purple, and blue in parts of the batik. I tried to cut the square for the binding in areas with mainly blue and the olive/tan color, but there are parts with the pink and purple in the pincushion too if you look carefully.
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