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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Pouch for Pretty {Little} Pouch Swap

Posted by PicasaI"ve been working on this pouch from This and That called the Button Bag.  I started the bag without reading through all directions.  Once I had cut and sewn each side together, I read through the rest and found out the directions call for putting the zipper in by HAND.  I'm not opposed to handsewing, but really, a zipper in a pouch will hopefully be used and and hopefully used often.  I wanted it sewn by machine for both durability and appearance. I looked for reviews online and only found two other references to the bag.  Both reviewers liked the bag, but said they would do something different for the zipper next time.  So, I complete revised the assembly to this bag.  I also added a pocket (pictured above).  I didn't know how I'd get a good picture of the pocket once the bag was assembled.  As of tonight, I just have the zipper pull and the bottom binding to go.  Then it will be off to its new home!!

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