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Monday, July 1, 2013

Secret Tote Bag Swap

I finished my bag for the secret tote bag swap.  I had started cutting it out almost a month ago.  Then, I had two surgeries which put me behind schedule.  I missread parts of the directions and miscut several pieces.  All in all, I know the bag is not perfect, and I like to be a perfectionist, but I decided this bag is pretty (hopefully my partner thinks so too), structually sound (I zig zagged a lot), and can hold lots of stuff.  The lining is the part that I dislike the most, and it just isn't as neat as I would have liked it to turn out.  I think my favorite part of this bag is the handles.  I love how sturdy they feel.
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  1. Not only did you make me the most awesome bag, that I use very day(and could fit a small child in it), but I see you won a link up prize....yay!